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How to save a Cisco ASA Firewall Configuration in GNS3 Labs?

 GNS3  is the best simulator to run the Cisco ASA firewall and you can prepare your Cisco Security exam using GNS3.   GNS3 is the best software to emulate ASA firewall but there are some tricky points that you might be disappointing. I have done reading blogs, watching YouTube to figure out how to save and gave some time to test myself and I’ll share what I’ve done in GNS3 how to create Flash in Qemu, how to setup Cisco ASA and how to save the Cisco ASA config to the flash. Once you are able to config it will be more easier to do your study further on the configuration of Cisco ASA firewall via Cisco ASDM. Save Running Configuration to Startup Configuration on Cisco ASA Firewall If you use Cisco ASA Firewall in GNS3, you’ll be notice that “wr mem” command can’t be used to save a configuration. The following […]

How to Setup and Configure Cisco PIX and ASA Firewall in GNS3

Setup and Configure Cisco PIX and ASA Firewall in GNS3 Fallow the below steps to setup, run and configure Cisco PIX and ASA Firewall in GNS3 and also you can find the video on how to setup and Configure Cisco PIX and ASA Firewall in GNS3. 1. Download GNS3 Simulator software and Install Simulator Software a. b. GNS3 v0.7.4 all-in-one install under Windows                     2. Download all GNS3 files for Cisco PIX and ASA Firewalls. You can download required GNS3 files from blow or by vising below link. GNS3 Files For Cisco ASA and PIX Firewall a. asa802-k8.initrd.gz b. asa802-k8.kernel c. pixinfo.txt d. pix724.bin                      3. Cisco PIX Firewall Setup in GNS3                   a. Click on Edit b. Click on Prefrences c. Click on Qemu d. Click on the […]

Video- How to setup and Configure the Cisco ASA Firewall using GNS3

In this video, you will find how to emulate and configure Cisco ASA Firewall using Qemu in GNS3. This is very useful and you can also find required files to run Cisco ASA using Qemu server. I tried, this is working very fine and enable password is blank, you can set once login into the Cisco ASA Firewall.

Download Cisco asa802-k8.initrd.gz and Cisco asa802-k8.kernel

Download Cisco ASA Files to emulate a Cisco ASA firewall in GNS3 Click here to watch video on how to emulate or setup and  run  the ASA in GNS3   GNS3 Files For Cisco ASA and PIX Firewall asa802-k8.initrd.gz asa802-k8.kernel pixinfo.txt pix724.bin