Download Cisco asa802-k8.initrd.gz and Cisco asa802-k8.kernel

Download Cisco ASA Files to emulate a Cisco ASA firewall in GNS3

Click here to watch video on how to emulate or setup and  run  the ASA in GNS3


GNS3 Files For Cisco ASA and PIX Firewall

  1. asa802-k8.initrd.gz
  2. asa802-k8.kernel
  3. pixinfo.txt
  4. pix724.bin

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  1. scott says:

    Thanks for giving option to download cisco asa802-k8.initrd.gz, cisco asa802-k8.kernel files. Now i am easy install Cisco ASA on GNS3.

  2. Ram says:

    I download both asa802-k8.initrd.gz,asa802-k8.kernel files and emulated Cisco asa successfully.


  3. Jerry says:

    Thanks for sharing Cisco asa files to run on GNS3.

  4. Khalil says:

    Nice post, it helped to a lot. Thanks

  5. manthri says:

    its working, thanks

  6. Johny says:

    It is working and thanks for sharing both the file for Cisco ASA firewall in GNS3.

  7. Kashif Mughal says:

    Got the files successfully and now running CISCO ASA Firewall successfully as well…

    Thank you so much for support.!!!

  8. vongsackda says:

    i’m successful install ASA cisco firewall that you guide
    very thang

  9. Allen says:

    It’s Great.
    i could run PIX and ASA.
    You’re The Best.
    Thanks a lot.

  10. Olsi says:

    Thank you man, great job.

  11. idstudycom says:

    Thanks for sharing GNS3 firewall files, i can run pix and asa in gns now. thank you very much. GBU

  12. rajesh says:

    Hi all,

    I download both asa802-k8.initrd.gz,asa802-k8.kernel files and i installed in gns3 successfully but when i open that asa firewall, i am unable get the console access…

    can u suggest me how to access the control.
    Thank you

  13. I have already download both attach file but didn’t work properly on gns3. How to work? Please provide suggest me ASAP any person.

  14. saeid says:

    I got pix I could run successfully, but when I enable the console, and I’m trying to encode.
    Please Help

  15. jared yegon says:

    That was a superb.
    Only two files and was home and dry[asa802-k8.initrd.gz and asa802-k8.kernel]

  16. LPM(LINUX) says:

    Thanks alot for the good files..

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