How to Setup and Configure Cisco PIX and ASA Firewall in GNS3

Setup and Configure Cisco PIX and ASA Firewall in GNS3

Fallow the below steps to setup, run and configure Cisco PIX and ASA Firewall in GNS3 and also you can find the video on how to setup and Configure Cisco PIX and ASA Firewall in GNS3.

1. Download GNS3 Simulator software and Install Simulator Software


b. GNS3 v0.7.4 all-in-one install under Windows

Fig. GNS3 simulator download











2. Download all GNS3 files for Cisco PIX and ASA Firewalls.

You can download required GNS3 files from blow or by vising below link.

GNS3 Files For Cisco ASA and PIX Firewall

a. asa802-k8.initrd.gz

b. asa802-k8.kernel

c. pixinfo.txt

d. pix724.bin 

download cisco asa gns3 files

Fig. Download GNS3 files for Cisco PIX and ASA











3. Cisco PIX Firewall Setup in GNS3

GNS3 configuration for Cisco ASA and PIX

Fig. GNS3 configuration for Cisco ASA and PIX










a. Click on Edit

b. Click on Prefrences

c. Click on Qemu

d. Click on the PIX tab

e. Open the file pixinfo.txt that you downloaded

f. Enter the information for the Key and Serial number

Pix configuration on GNS3

g. Point the binary file to the pix724.bin file you downlaoded

h. Identifier Name type PIX724

i. Click on Apply and OK

Now you drag and drop Cisco PIX  Firewall from left side GNS3 Symbols, run and configure it.

 4. Cisco ASA Firewall Setup in GNS3

a. Click on Edit

b. Click on Prefrences

c. Click on Qemu

d. Click on the ASA tab

e. point both files asa802-k8.initrd.gz and asa802-k8.kernel in respected tab.

f. add Identifier Name for ASA firewall.

g. Click on Apply and OK

Fig. Cisco asa setup on GNS3

Fig. Cisco ASA setup on GNS3











5. Video- How to setup and Configure the Cisco PIX  Firewall in GNS3


6. Video- How to setup and Configure the Cisco ASA Firewall in GNS3

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  1. Manthri says:

    I found this article on GNS3 web site very useful,
    Please check the “CPU usage with PIX” section if the CPU load is %100!

  2. Ganesh says:

    It works……superb
    Thanks for sharing about both Cisco ASA and PIX firewalls…

  3. Ajay says:

    I downloaded GNS3 and configured qemu as given above, and my Cisco ASA starts (I see the green indication) but when I double click or try to open the console, it opens and closes without any text, warning or message.

    Dont know what is happening please guide

  4. Chakri says:

    Thanks for sharing about Cisco ASA firewall version 8.4 Configuration on GNS3 and Find License Activation Keys for Cisco ASA Firewall

    activation-key 0x4a3ec071 0x0d86fbf6 0x7cb1bc48 0x8b48b8b0 0xf317c0b5

    activation-key 0xb23bcf4a 0x1c713b4f 0x7d53bcbc 0xc4f8d09c 0x0e24c6b6

  5. Sundar says:

    Awesome, Thanks and appreciate your time on this blog. Knowledge has to be free.

  6. Uday says:

    Interested post, Thanks for covering both Cisco Pix and ASA firewalls

  7. Hill says:

    You can emulate the ASA with pemu or GNS3 for certain code revisions, but for 8.x you’ll need to use qemu. Of course, these assume you have access to ASA code because they are emulators, not simulators.

  8. daniel says:

    I am using the latest all in one GNS3. I dont know if that is 64 or 32. I will download the 64bit standalone and test it. winpcap and wireshark I can put later on.

    Now ASA, IPS and SDM working .

  9. Sagar says:

    Good article and right to the point.

  10. John says:

    I added the ASA but I am having a issue with getting to the console I get the black screen in putty. Any advice thanks!

  11. John says:

    I can setup the ASA and run it, but every time i run the console i get putty and its a black screen i wont show console. Please help. much appreciated. I need this for work!!!!

  12. Privk says:

    Excellent! You have covered great info on Cisco ASA firewall setup and configuration using GNS3.

  13. hussain says:

    Hi,i am using asa 8.4, it’s working fine but in the default configuration it is not showing class-map, policy-map and service-policy. how to see .

  14. Franklin says:

    Great article on Cisco ASA firewall with GNS3…


  15. mjmohanraj says:

    Finally i got it..

    Thanks a tonne

  16. Adnan says:

    thank you so much. finally pix iw working.

  17. abhinav says:

    CIsco pix is ruuninng with limited to get unilimited feature… anyone please help

  18. Miguel says:

    what is password? firewallPIX

    thank´s you.

  19. Sandy says:

    Thank you for sharing the knowledge!!!

  20. Maddy says:

    Need help on using ASA 5510 IOS 9.0.3 in GNS3..

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