How to use putty as HyperTerminal in Windows Vista/ Windows 7

In this post I covered how to use Putty as HyperTerminal in Windows Vista or Windows 7 machines. HyperTerminal is no longer part of Windows Operating systems. There are several options you can use to replace its functionality. Earlier I covered how to use XP HyperTerminal client in Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Download Putty:

Download and use open source Putty terminal software.

You can get Putty and click here for  Download.

For Laptops:

1.      First install DB 9 to USB converter drivers in your Laptop. Plug in your console cable to Cisco router, connect other end to DB9 to USB converter and plug in USB in your Vista or Windows 7 Laptop.

2.      Now, you have to check the communication port (COM port) number from Computer Management (Start –> Control Panel –> Administrative Tools –> Computer Management –> Device Manager and look at Port (COM & LPT).

For Desktops:

3.      Plug in Console cable in Cisco Router or Switch and connect other end in COM 1 or COM 2 port on Desktop machine.

Configure Putty with Console Settings:

4.      Start Putty by double clink on it and configure HyperTerminal settings by visiting Category-> Connection->Serial from left side.

For Cisco Router or Switch follow below console port settings:
Bits per Second –> 9600
Data bit –> 8
Parity –> None
Stop bit–> 1
Flow control –> None

Putty Serial Settings

Putty Hyperterminal Settings












Start putty:

6. To start putty  select category-> session ->serial and click on open, It will open the device in separate window and enter login credentials to access the device.

Putty Serial Login

Putty Serial Login












Putty Login

Putty Login









Other options for hyperTerminal software in Windows Vista/ 7

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  1. sam says:

    Good afternoon.

    I have a cisco router that is not working properly. I have a windows 7 laptop with console port and I have downloaded PUTTY on to my desktop. I have conected the serial port to my laptop and the RJ45 to the consol port at the rear of the router. I have followed all the instructions for PUTTY config and still nothing happens when I open the putty. Just a black box with a green tab in the top left conrner.

    Can any one PLEASE advise me on what I should do. I have limited IT skills. Any info on this will be greatfuly appriciated. cheers

    • admin says:

      Fallow the below procedure.

      1. First check the drivers properly installed for Rj45 to DB9 converter.

      2. After Driver software installation, remove the connectivity between Laptop and Router, Reconnect it. You should get “ready to use” message right-hand bottom on your laptop.

      3. Next go to the Device manager –> Ports –>check which COM port taken for DB9 converter in your Laptop.

      4. Open the Putty software in your Laptop and select appropriate COM port.

  2. Manthri says:

    Thanks alot!, Nice article on Putty as an alternative to Hyperterminal.

  3. Dheeraj says:

    I really appreciate how guide us regarding PUTTY as alternative to HyperTerminal Terminal emulator in Windows Vista or Windows 7.

    Thanks a lot!

  4. Satya says:

    Your explanation was very helpfull.
    I’ve got my hyperterminal back in windows 7

    Thanks 🙂

  5. John Carter says:

    I have enjoyed a lot while reading about ‘putty as an alternative to HyperTerminal’, Thanks for sharing!

  6. Daniel says:

    Its very useful for me while using Putty as a Hyperterminal on Windows,Thank you very much for sharing this post!

  7. Pradyumna says:

    Very informative about Putty as an alternative to Hyperterminal in Windows, Thanks!

  8. Sandy says:

    good article on Putty, thanks

  9. Thomas says:

    Thanks a lot. This was very helpful and easy to follow about Putty as a Hyperterminal.


  10. Raghu says:

    I recommend you to use Putty instead of HyperTerminal and Putty having other options as well, HyperTerminal is no more in Windows 7/ Vista.

  11. Peri says:

    Its clear and nice, to use putty instead of Hyperterminal in Windows. Very nice post…

  12. Nemo says:

    Hi all,
    Im using Hyperterminal/Putty to console into devices, such as a 2900xl and 2500, I get the screen but im unable to type anything in.

    Im able to identify the COM port, and I have tried consoling in other devices besides these two but nothing works. Im using 9600,8,none,1,none for the settings but that doesn’t seem to work either. I have tired lower and higher bit rates but nothing seems to work. Any suggestions on this?

    Thanks in advance!

  13. Daniel says:

    Hi Nemo,

    I had a similar issue with my USB to Serials port console connection. I updated my USB driver software with the latest version. and installed the service pack1. ( I am using Vista ) My suggestion is first try to update your USB driver SW and if it didn’t work try to update your Windows OS ( Assuming your OS is Windows)


  14. Nemo says:

    Thanks guys for all the input!

    The result to this issue was that I had a faulty usb-to-serial device and I had got it replaced. Now im able to console into everything.


  15. Chris says:

    It’s a shame that every new version of windows removes more functionality than it gives us Administrators. HyperTerminal should never have been removed. It’s impossible to configure a new cisco switch without HyperTerminal and I don’t trust putty enough to use it on our network.

  16. Samuel says:

    Very good post on PUTTY as an alternative to HyperTerminal, Thanks a lot for sharing this with all of us you actually realize what you’re talking about!

  17. Sajith says:

    Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. Thanks!

  18. Thomas says:

    I can not find a way to do a file transfer via serial using PuTTY. Is this not possible?

  19. Martinez says:

    Great post. I used to be checking continuously this weblog and I’m impressed! Extremely helpful information specifically the remaining section 🙂 I maintain such information a lot. I was looking for this certain info for a long time. Thanks and good luck.

  20. Nitin says:

    The contents are masterwork. you have done a magnificent task on HyperTerminal Settings and advantages.

  21. Satya says:

    Hi there, This post nicely covered about Putty as HyperTerminal, I’ll appreciate when you continue this in future. Numerous other people will likely be benefited out of your writing. Cheers!

  22. Hemi says:

    Very good topic about HyperTerminal

  23. Steven says:

    How to use Putty for all Serial COM port connections

    Windows Vista and Windows 7 only support the private edition of HyperTerminal. Windows 7 does not even ship with HyperTerminal. The private edition is NOT FREE for commercial use.
    If you’re looking for a free and solid application to use for your serial COM connections, try PuTTY. It’s free for commercial and private use, and takes up a mere 444KB of disk space.
    The latest PuTTY version can be downloaded here:
    To use PuTTY for your serial COM connections, follow these steps:
    1. Figure out the COM port that you have connected on your computer.
    2. Run PuTTY.
    3. Switch the Connection Type to Serial.
    4. Edit the Serial Line to match the COM port you want to use.
    5. Edit the Speed to match the BAUD Rate you want to use.
    6. Select the Serial category from the menu on the left.
    7. Make sure all of the settings are correct (the settings in the screenshot are what I used for my session, yours could look different depending on what you’re connecting to).
    8. Select the Open button to start the session.
    Your connection should now be fully functional.
    If you find yourself using PuTTY quite extensively, you could save settings to different profiles for fast future usage. To create a profile for your settings:
    1. Make sure you have the settings you require.
    2. Enter a profile name under Saved Sessions.
    3. Click the Save button.
    On your next PuTTY session, you can load your profile by selecting it from the list and clicking the Load button.
    Logging is also a great feature that PuTTY provides. It lets you output your entire session to a log file. To enable logging, follow these steps before you open your connection:
    1. Select Logging from the category list on the left.
    2. Choose your desired logging method (All session output, printable output, etc…)
    3. Enter a file name.
    4. Select the file handling settings.
    5. Open your connection.

  24. baha addin jaradat says:

    I need your help plz.
    in my first time trying to configure switch I faced a problem when using butty or hypertrm the same problem and now I hope it will back in stead of the new problem.

    after I connected the switch and tried to login the butty and I logged in but nothing appeared on the screen and the same issue in hypertrm, then I clicked on reset button in the switch, so now I cant connect the switch to any other PC and a message appear written on it (cannot connect to com port)
    please any one can help me?

    • Jakes says:

      Hi Baha,

      Please go to device manager in your PC and there you can find the connected COM port at that time. You will be able to access the device If you use the same COM port number in Putty when you are trying to access the device.


  25. How To Fix Error 1721 Windows Free Windows 7 Cisco Vpn Client Errors says:

    […] How to use putty as HyperTerminal in Windows Vista … – How to use putty as Hyper terminal in windows vista or windows 7, Use putty as Hyperterminal for configure cisco routers, switches and other devices…. […]

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