Most Frequent Interview Questions for Network Engineers

Find below most frequently asked interview questions for Network Engineers in  most of  the multinational companies in India.

Most Frequent Interview Quetions for Network Engineer Position:

1. OSI Layers

2. What is VLAN?

3. What is VTP?

4. How we can change VTP revision number

5. In what mode we will add a switch in VTP domain

6. Difference between loadsharing & loadbalancing

7. What is ACS server, syslog server

8. How to add node in hpnnm – nnm

9. How to add a node group in nnm

10. What is use of AAA and how we will configure it?

11. How many modules will be there in 7609?

12. What type of ports are available in 7609 router

13. Difference between HSRP and VRRP

14. How data flows in MPLS technology

15. OSPF states while forming neighborship

16. OSPF LSA types

17. Difference between point to point & MPLS links

18. What is external LSA

19. How to bind the mac-address

20. What is the use of port security?

21. Features of EIGRP

22. What is DUAL in EIGRP

23. Commands for configuring voice vlans

24- How to add voice vlans to switchports

25. Dhcp handshake process

26. Default lease time for DHCP

27.5 routers configured with HSRP, what are the states of each router

28. BGP attributes

29. Administrative distances of all roouting protocols

30. Etherchannel

31. What is the output voltage of 7609 router

32. How modules are placed in 7609 router

33. What is STP

34. How the election process will be happening in STP.

35. What is pvst

36. RSTP

37. STP states

38. How to break router password

39. How to upgrade ios in switch

40. What is OSPF

41. Function of link state routing protocol

42. Differences between OSI and TCP protocols

43. TCP 3way handshake process

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  1. Ram says:

    I liked this post, Most of the questions repeated in interviews for Network Engineers.


  2. Vishal says:

    Great collections, Most of the interview questions for Network Engieers covered in this post.

  3. Ramesh says:

    Most frequently asked questions covered for Network Engineers and administrators, Thanks for sharing.

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