List of Important Protocols and Port Numbers

Important Protocols -Port Numbers (L4):

Protocol Service Expansion Port No(TCP/UDP)
FTP File Transfer Protocol 21/21/TCP
SSH Secure Shell 22/22/TCP
TELNET Terminal Network 23/23/TCP
SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol 25/25/TCP
DNS Domain Naming System 53/53/TCP & UDP
DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol 67/67/UDP –Server 68/UDP for Client
TFTP Trivial File Transfer Protocol 69/69/UDP
HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol 80/80/TCP
POP3 Post Office Protocol 110/110/TCP
NTP Network Time Protocol 123/123/UDP
IMAP Internet Message Access Protocol 143/143/TCP
SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol 161/161/TCP
HTTPS HTTP secure 443/443/TCP
SYSLOG System Log 514/514/UDP
LPD Line Printer Daemon 515/TCP
RSTP  Real Time Stream Protocol 554/TCP
IPP Internet Printing Protocol 631/TCP
Flexlm  FLEXible License Manager 744/UDP
SWAT Samba Web Administration Tool 901/TCP
IMAPS  Interactive Mail Access Protocol Secure version 4 993/TCP
IRCS Internet Relay Chat Secure 994/TCP
POP3s  Post Office Protocol Secure version 3 995/TCP
NFS Network File System by Sun) 613/TCP&UDP
CVSPserver  Concurrent Version System Password server 2401/TCP
X11 X window system server 6000/TCP–6063/TCP
HTTP-ALT  Alternative http 8080/TCP


Important Protocols – Port Numbers (L3):


Protocol Expansion Port No
IP Internet Protocol 0
ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol 1
TCP Transmission Control Protocol 6
UDP User Datagram Protocol 11/17
RIP Routing Information Protocol 520
EIGRP Enhanced Integrated Gateway Routing Protocol 88
OSPF Open Shortest Path First 89
BGP Border Gateway Protocol 179


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