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How to Configure Syslog Server on Cisco Router for Logging

In this article I covered configuration steps you need to take on your Cisco Router or Switch to send messages to remote syslog server. Most of the Cisco devices use the syslog protocol to manage system logs and alerts. Syslog server is used to maintain log messages at centralized location, It improves the manageability of any size network and can decrease response times to resolve problems. Sending router log messages to a remote server also allows longer archiving of messages because Syslog server will have more storage than Cisco Router or Switch. Messages stored by syslog Server have permanence but Router doesn’t. When a router is reloaded or power cycled, the messages in its log are erased. In Syslog server there is a change view log messages even if Router power off. Note: Before configuring a Cisco device to send syslog messages, make sure that it is configured with the […]