TGN Traffic Generation Using Cisco Pagent IOS

What is Cisco Pagent IOS ?

Cisco Pagent IOS is an enhanced Cisco IOS image that contains both Advanced IP or IP Base Services and the IP traffic generation tools. Cisco Pagent IOS generates realistic traffic and bottlenecks to test QoS features such as IP Classification, IP Marking, and Queuing on Cisco Routers. Cisco provided Pagent image can be used to send or receive traffic and to analyze the Bandwidth utilized by network interface. Cisco Pagent IOS was developed within Cisco primarily intended for Cisco internal use only. However, versions for the 2621 and 2801 have been made available to CCNP Academies and instructors by special permission from Cisco’s Pagent group. You could use this to generate certain amount of traffic of choose protocol (UDP or TCP) etc.

Configuration steps to generate traffic using Cisco Pagent IOS

1. Load pagent-ios image on device. You can found the images of specific router you are    using from

2. After downloading and booting with pagent IOS image, follow these steps to generate Traffic.

3. Cisco-Pagent-IOS(TGN:OFF,Fa0/0:none)# add udp add a traffic stream type, here I considered udp based

4. Cisco-Pagent-IOS(TGN:OFF,Fa0/0:1/1)#l2-dest-addr   Specify l2 address of destination

5. Cisco-Pagent-IOS(TGN:OFF,Fa0/0:1/1)#l2-src-addr Specify l2 src address

6. Cisco-Pagent-IOS(TGN:OFF,Fa0/0:1/1)#l3-src-addr  specify l3 src ip which is originator of Traffic

7. Cisco-Pagent-IOS(TGN:OFF,Fa0/0:1/1)#l3-dest-addr  specify l3 dest ip which is originator of Traffic

8. Cisco-Pagent-IOS(TGN:OFF,Fa0/0:1/1)#rate No. of Packet per second send rate

9. Cisco-Pagent-IOS(TGN:OFF,Fa0/0:1/1)#data ?

10. Starting position in data array.
ASCII ascii data string. (Default is hex data string)
continue continue from current offset

11. Cisco-Pagent-IOS(TGN:OFF,Fa0/0:1/1)#start < Starts pumping the udp traffic on specified destination from the source>

12. Cisco-Pagent-IOS(TGN:OFF,Fa0/0:1/1)#show  < any point of time you could see the traffic statistics with this show command>

13. Cisco-Pagent-IOS(TGN:ON,Fa0/0:1/1)#stop


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  1. James says:

    Very interesting post about Cisco pagent IOS to generate UDP traffic. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Adams says:

    Very nice post on Cisco pagent IOS!, Thanks a lot.

  3. Manthri says:

    Nice post! Generating UDP traffic with Cisco Pagent IOS, Thanks for your post,

  4. Panda says:

    Hi All,

    I was reading about cisco pagent callgen ios. My question is what platforms are compatible with these Cisco Pagent IOS.


  5. Reza says:


    I know that Cisco 2600, 3600, 2800 and I think 2900 and 3900 series support it I am sure there are other platforms that support it Be aware that Cisco IOS Pagent is not freely available for download. You have to talk to your local SE and they might provided it to you. It is not available to everyone.


  6. Mahadeb says:

    Never heard about this, what is Cisco pagent ios and how is different than the ios i am running?

  7. Venzke says:

    You could definitely see your enthusiasm in the work you write. The arena hopes for even more passionate writers such as you who aren’t afraid to mention how they believe. All the time follow your heart.

  8. DAS says:

    Can someone tell me how to remove pagent? Just purchased a router and it keeps on asking for the password. Plus im a beginner. The router was purchased second hand I didn’t get any passwords with it. I have the CISCO 2600 series.

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