How to save a Cisco ASA Firewall Configuration in GNS3 Labs?

 GNS3  is the best simulator to run the Cisco ASA firewall and you can prepare your Cisco Security exam using GNS3.   GNS3 is the best software to emulate ASA firewall but there are some tricky points that you might be disappointing. I have done reading blogs, watching YouTube to figure out how to save and gave some time to test myself and I’ll share what I’ve done in GNS3 how to create Flash in Qemu, how to setup Cisco ASA and how to save the Cisco ASA config to the flash. Once you are able to config it will be more easier to do your study further on the configuration of Cisco ASA firewall via Cisco ASDM. Save Running Configuration to Startup Configuration on Cisco ASA Firewall If you use Cisco ASA Firewall in GNS3, you’ll be notice that “wr mem” command can’t be used to save a configuration. The following […]

How to Setup and Configure Cisco PIX and ASA Firewall in GNS3

Setup and Configure Cisco PIX and ASA Firewall in GNS3 Fallow the below steps to setup, run and configure Cisco PIX and ASA Firewall in GNS3 and also you can find the video on how to setup and Configure Cisco PIX and ASA Firewall in GNS3. 1. Download GNS3 Simulator software and Install Simulator Software a. b. GNS3 v0.7.4 all-in-one install under Windows                     2. Download all GNS3 files for Cisco PIX and ASA Firewalls. You can download required GNS3 files from blow or by vising below link. GNS3 Files For Cisco ASA and PIX Firewall a. asa802-k8.initrd.gz b. asa802-k8.kernel c. pixinfo.txt d. pix724.bin                      3. Cisco PIX Firewall Setup in GNS3                   a. Click on Edit b. Click on Prefrences c. Click on Qemu d. Click on the […]

Configure 802.1X (dot1X) on Windows XP & Windows 7 for Wireless Network

802.1X (dot1x) configuration on Cisco Switch with Wireless Access Point Find below configuration to enable 802.1x (dot1x) on Cisco catalyst 2960 switch with wireless access point. ­­­Enables 802.1x.with Access point  Cisco‐2960(Config)#dot1x system‐auth‐control  Cisco‐2960(Config)#interface fastEthernet 0/24  Cisco‐2960(Config‐if)#switchport mode access  Cisco‐2960(Config‐if)#switchport access vlan <dataVlanid>  Cisco‐2960(Config‐if)#authentication port‐control auto              Cisco‐2960(Config‐if)#authentication host‐mode multi‐host  Cisco‐2960(Config‐if)#dot1x pae both  Cisco‐2960(Config‐if)#dot1x timeout tx‐period 3                                                                    Cisco‐2960(Config‐if)#spanning‐tree portfast 

How to: Unable to copy a 4GB MPG or Bluray Movie to 8GB/16GB Pendrive

Sometimes you will get an error “Not enough free Space” even though when you are trying to copy some small video file which is less than available free space in Pendrive. I bought a pendrive from kingston 16 GB and tried copy a single 4GB .MPG file but it is not copying into my pendrive. I thought there is some issue with existing files or virus files and I have formatted the Pendrive, tried to copy again but not succeeded. Change Pendrive File System from FAT to NTFS After that I changed the file system from FAT to NTFS for Pendrive and it worked fine. To convert FAT to NTFS, right click the drive name of pendrive -> select Format -> File system type select NTFS -> format Pendrive. If NTFS is not available (only FAT is available), then Right click at pen drive -> Click Properties -> Select Hardware […]

How to Upload HP ProCurve Switch Configuration using Console/Serial Cable

We can restore/upload configuration file of every networking device, For any unexpected loss or destruction the configuration of a managed switch, we can easily restore or copy the configuration file into a new equipment. For HP ProCurve Networking  Switch(switches ProCurve 2910, 2510 series, etc.), one of the way to backup and restore is done through a serial port rs 232/Console cable using a hyper terminal connection. Steps to upload/Restore HP ProCurve Switch configuration Via Console Cable  Suppose HP ProCurve Switch has been connected to the computer serial port via console cable using the hyper terminal and you have logged in toHP ProCurve Switch as an administrator. Step 1:  • Enter copy xmodem startup-config  pc command on HP Procurve Switch, there will be a warning device require a reboot, then select Y • Click on the Transfer menu and then select Send File             Step 2: • Browse and navigate to the Configuration file that will be used for restoring • On the protocol, […]

Configure Cisco (802.1X) dot1x port Based Authentication for Wired LAN Network

Introduction to 802.1X (dot1x) This post describes how to configure IEEE 802.1X port‐based authentication on Cisco Switch to prevent unauthorized devices (clients) from gaining access to the network. The IEEE 802.1X standard defines a client‐server‐based access control and authentication protocol that restricts unauthorized devices from connecting to a LAN through publicly accessible ports. The authentication server authenticates each client connected to a switch port before making available any services offered by the switch or the LAN With 802.1X port‐based authentication, the devices in the network have specific roles.             Supplicant – This is often software on a client device such as a PC. Authenticator – This is often a medium between the client device asking for access permission and an authentication server. In most cases, this is either a switch or a wireless access point. Authentication server -This is a RADIUS database. Configuring 802.1X (dot1x) Authentication The […]