How to Reset Cisco IP Phone 7900 Series to Factory Default

Reset Cisco IP Phone 7900 Series to Factory Default You can perform a reset to factory default of the Cisco 7940, 7941, 7960, 7961 and 7970 IP phones and this is useful for many types of recovery, especially when the phone is so disabled that it cannot enter Network Configuration to reset to factory default.   Complete below steps to reset Cisco IP Phone 7900 series to factory default. 1. Unplug the power cable from the IP phone, and then plug in the cable again. The IP  phone begins its power up cycle. 2. Immediately press and hold # key and while the Headset, Mute, and Speaker buttons begin to flash in sequence, next release # key. 3. Press 123456789*0# within 60 seconds after the Headset, Mute, and Speaker buttons begin to flash. 4. Press 1 to keep network configuration or 2 to lose the network configuration. If you repeat a key within the sequence, […]

How to configure 802.1x (dot1x) on Cisco CatOS Switches

This document describes how to configure IEEE 802.1X  port-based authentication to prevent unauthorized devices (clients) from gaining access to the network.  In below example describes how to configure 802.1x (dot1x) port-based authentication on Cisco CatOS 6500 series switches. Cisco 802.1x also referred as dot1x. Step by Step Dot1x Configuration on Cisco CatOS switch Enable dot1x authentication on CatOS Switch set dot1x system-auth-control enable set dot1x quiet-period 30 set dot1x re-authperiod 30 Configure system name set system name  Cisco_6509 Configure Radius Server for Authentication set radius server auth-port 1812 primary set radius key openthedoor Configure Dot1x on Specific Switch Ports set port dot1x 3/45 port-control auto set port dot1x 3/46 port-control auto set port dot1x 3/47 port-control auto set port dot1x 3/48 port-control auto set port dot1x 3/45 re-authentication enable set port dot1x 3/46 re-authentication enable set port dot1x 3/47 re-authentication enable set port dot1x 3/48 re-authentication enable set port […]

Find Amount of Packets Processed By the Cisco Gig-E Interface

Now we are going to find or see the amount of packets and type of packets processed by the Gigabit Ethernet Interface on Cisco Router. This command is useful for troubleshooting Gigabit Ethernet interfaces on Cisco Router. Show Counters Interface Command Simply use the show counters interface command. Login using telnet and type the command: Cisco-Router#sh counters interface GigabitEthernet 5/1 Find Amount of Packets Processed by Cisco Gigabit Ethernet Interface Cisco-Router#sh counters interface  Gi5/1 64 bit counters: 0.        rxHCTotalPkts = 75631693020 1.                      txHCTotalPkts = 77690922915 2.                    rxHCUnicastPkts = 75595615119 3.                    txHCUnicastPkts = 77679618692 4.                  rxHCMulticastPkts = 34605567 5.                  txHCMulticastPkts = 11284923 6.                  rxHCBroadcastPkts = 1472334 7.                  txHCBroadcastPkts = 19300 8.                         rxHCOctets = 33925612619909 9.                         txHCOctets = 21535942410776 10.                 rxTxHCPkts64Octets = 56920959228 11.            rxTxHCPkts65to127Octets = 53382181374 12.           rxTxHCPkts128to255Octets = 6069758790 13.           rxTxHCPkts256to511Octets = 4429991882 14.          rxTxHCpkts512to1023Octets = 2943499164 15.         rxTxHCpkts1024to1518Octets = 29576225497 16.                    txHCTrunkFrames = 0 17.                    rxHCTrunkFrames = 0 18.                     […]

What is the Difference Between Switch and Bridge in Networking

 Switch Vs Bridge S.No SWITCH BRIDGE 1  Switches are available in both manageable and non manageable.  Bridges are available only in non manageable 2 Number of ports are more than bridge Number of ports are less than switch 3 They can have separate spanning tree for  each VLANs in the switch They can have only one spanning tree instance per bridge. 4 Large frame buffers Low frame buffer 5 Switches are Hardware based, perform forwarding in hardware Bridges are software based, perform forwarding in software 6 Switches were just the next step which eliminated the collision domain completely Bridges were historically used to reduce the size of collision domain created by hubs 7 Supports cut-through switching Doesn’t supports cut-through switching 8  A switch is a network acces device that provides a centallized point for LAN communications,media connections and management activities-like Hub.  A bridge is an internetworking device used to contact separate […]

Show / Find Users Currently Logged into Cisco Router/Switch

We can find or see the users currently logged into your Cisco Routers/Switches and also time, from which IP address users logged into Cisco Router/Switches. In Wide area networks are often very wide and installing or troubleshooting remote Routers often requires login from more than one physical location. It is simple to get a listing of the users logged into a Router and it useful to troubleshoot issues some times. Show Users command on Cisco Router/Switch To find the users logged into a Cisco Router/Switch, issue show users command: Cisco-Router#show users or Cisco-Router#sh users Show/Find Users Currently Logged into Cisco Router/Switch Find below output using show users command on Cisco Router or Switch: Cisco-Router#sh users Line       User       Host(s)                  Idle            Location 1 vty 0     John      24w2d 2 vty 1     John      24w2d 3 vty 2     Bijju      idle                    00:00:37 4 vty 3     Kanth     24w2d * 5 […]

How to fix/stop STP loop error on HP Procurve V1810 switches?

For L2 redundant network, HP Procurve switches will build network topology table based on the Bridge Protocol Data Units (BPDUs). Any HP Procurve managed switches are capable of building topology table.  So as per HP’s STP protocol development, all the switches will need to know each other in the topology to perform STP election. So if any unmanaged switch or smart switch present in the topology, all the switches get confused and will not able participate in STP election.  HP Procurve V1810 switches are not capable of building topology table as they are only smart switches, not managed switches and will not allow other managed switches to form topology table. This will cause routing error. STP Loop Prevention on HP Procurve V1810 Switch For this type of network with HP Procurve 1810 switches, only way to stop the L2 loops is by enabling the LOOP PREVENTION mechanism in that switch. […]