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How to upgrade Cisco Router IOS using TFTP Server

Prerequisites This document covers IOS up gradation step by step process on Cisco Router. The Router should be up and running whose image needs to be upgraded and this document not intended for password recovery.  You make sure that new IOS image supports hardware, software features, Router has enough Flash memory to run the image and other memory & processor related specifications. If you do sure, go to the SoftwareCenter in the Technical Support area at and use the Hardware-Software compatibility matrix to determine the version of software which is suited. Any IOS up gradation or backup process first we will need to have TFTP server. This can be downloaded from Internet. There are several versions of TFTP available free (Free TFTP can be downloaded from ) Step 1  a)     Copy from CD or Download the Cisco IOS software image to your workstation or PC. b)     Install the […]

Cisco Router Configuration Commands for Quick Reference

Cisco Router Configuration Commands Requirement Cisco Command Set a console password to cisco Router(config)#line con 0 Router(config-line)#login Router(config-line)#password cisco Set a telnet password Router(config)#line vty 0 4 Router(config-line)#login Router(config-line)#password cisco Stop console timing out Router(config)#line con 0 Router(config-line)#exec-timeout 0 0 Set the enable password to cisco Router(config)#enable password cisco Set the enable secret password to peter.This password overrides the enable password and is encypted within the config file Router(config)#enable secret peter Enable an interface Router(config-if)#no shutdown To disable an interface Router(config-if)#shutdown Set the clock rate for a router with a DCE cable to 64K Router(config-if)clock rate 64000 Set a logical bandwidth assignment of 64K to the serial interface Router(config-if)bandwidth 64 Note that the zeroes are not missing To add an IP address to a interface Router(config-if)#ip addr To enable RIP on all 172.16.x.y interfaces Router(config)#router rip Router(config-router)#network Disable RIP Router(config)#no router rip To enable IRGP with a […]