Comparision and Difference between Dynamic IP Routing Protocols

Comparision and Difference between all  Dynamic IP Routing Protocols

In this post I covered the comparison between all IGP dynamic IP Routing protocols like RIPv1, RIPv2, OSPF and EIGRP with all important specifications.

RIP Version 1 RIP Version 2 OSPF EIGRP
Name Routing Information Protocol Routing Information Protocol – v2 Open Shortest Path First Enhanced Exterior Gateway Routing
Protocol Type Distance Vector Distance Vector Link State Hybrid
Protocol Open Standard Open Standard Open Standard Cisco Proprietary
Metric Hop Count Hop Count Cost Composite – BW & Delay
Maximum Hop Count Max Hop Count 15 Max Hop Count 15 Unlimited 255
AD 120 120 110 90 – internal170 – External
Update Timer Every 30 Sec Every 30 Sec Triggered Triggered
Update Type Broadcast ( Multicast ( Multicast ( Multicast (
Scalability Not Scalable  Not Scalable Scalable Scalable
Authentication No Yes Yes Yes
Load Balancing Equal Equal Equal Equal and Unequal
Convergence Slow Slow Fast Fast
VLSM/CIDR No Support (Classfull) Supported (Classless) Supported (Classless) Supported (Classless)



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