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How to Configure AAA on Cisco Router to Authenticate with TACACS+ Server

What is AAA on Cisco IOS? Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting also know as AAA. You can configure your Cisco router to use AAA for user authentication, authorization, and accounting. Usually the AAA is used with external servers running the TACACS+, TACACS, or RADIUS protocol. In this example we are using external server running with TACACS+ protocol. After AAA implementation we don’t require separate password for Telnet, Http, Https, SSH, Console…Etc. All login attempts will be authenticated using the same credential by TACACS+ server and it also provides increased flexibility, control, scalability and multiple backup systems. AAA Configuration steps on Cisco Router to authenticate with external TACACS+ Server: 1. Turn-on AAA on the Router using ‘aaa new-model’ command and specify the TACACS+ server and secret key Cisco-Router(config)#aaa new-model Cisco-Router(config)#tacacs-server host Cisco-Router(config)#tacacs-server host Cisco-Router(config)#tacacs-server key <tacacs-server-key> Please note that the tacacs key must be the same as the secret tacacs key […]