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How to Install ActiveX Control in Internet Explorer 8/9/10 from Unknown Publisher

Change Internet Explorer 8/9/10 ActiveX Control settings In case you are trying to install any ActiveX Control from unknown publisher from Internet Explorer in  Windows 8 / Windows 7/ Windows Vista/ XP, Internet Explorer might not be configured to download ActiveX controls for security reasons, or you might have declined to install the ActiveX control when Internet Explorer prompted you to download, install, or run the control. I experienced many with Digital Video Recorders (DVR) ActiveX controls. I have changed below settings in Internet Explorer and succeeded to install Active X control from unknown publisher. Set your IP address/Website as Trusted site In Internet Explorer browser, click Tools in the upper toolbar or click on the Tools icon and select Internet Options. Click the Security tab and select the Trusted Sites zone. Click the Sites button. Under “Add this Web site to the zone:” type your project web site. Click Add, then […]

How to Install ActiveX from an Unknown Publisher in Windows

What is ActiveX? ActiveX is a Microsoft-created technology that enables different software applications to share information and functionality. ActiveX only works with Microsoft applications like Word, Excel, Internet Explorer and PowerPoint, and will only work on a computer running the Windows operating system. Install ActiveX from Unknown Publisher Microsoft’s ActiveX technology allows third-party developers to extend the default functionality of certain Windows programs. Most often used in conjunction with the Internet Explorer web browser, ActiveX controls power many popular add-ins, including Adobe Flash Player, the Facebook photo uploading tool and the Java browser plug-in. If you want to install an ActiveX control distributed by a  unknown developer that Internet Explorer does not recognize, you must first adjust your Internet Explorer security settings to install Active X in Windows XP/ Vista / 7. Configure Security Settings to allow from Unknown Publisher 1. Open an Internet Explorer browser window. 2. Click “Tools” […]