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VLAN Access Control Lists configuration on Cisco Switch

In this post I will cover Vlan access control lists (VACLs), is also called VLAN access Map or VLAN Map. A VLAN Access-map allows us to filter incoming and outgoing traffic in a switch VLAN. VLAN access-list configuration is very similar to the Route-map configuration. You have to place the Vlan access-map on the whole Vlan When you want to filter traffic that is moving from one VLAN to anotherVLAN, which means that the incoming and outgoing traffic in a Vlan are filterd by the VLan access-map. We can apply a VLAN access-map to a Layer3 access-list and also to a mac access-list. We know that the usual access control list (ACL), which is the most well known concept, has an implied DENY IP ANY ANY at the end. Of course, a VACL has the same implied deny statement, but this is not recommended, because a normal ACL checks only […]

How to clear Access Control List (ACL) Counters in Cisco IOS

When you are troubleshooting a problem with Access Control lists, one of the things you would want to do is to clear the counters on the ACL matches. In Cisco Routers or Switches, you can clear the ACL Matches counters as follows: Clear Counters on All ACLs: ciscorouter# clear access-list counters This clears the matches on all the ACLs on the Cisco router or switch. Clear Counters on Specific ACLs: ciscorouter# clear access-list counters 60 In this, we clear the matches on the ACL number 60. You can also use the name of the ACL instead of ACL number. To verify the counters are cleared: ciscorouters# show access-lists This should show the access-list with the counters cleared on the ACL(s)