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What is Voice over IP CODEC

CODEC: CODEC is used to convert an analog voice signal (waveforms) to digitally encoded signal. In addition to performing the analog to digital conversion, CODECs compress the data stream and also provide echo cancellation. The CODECs for VoIP are also termed “vocoders,” meaning voice encoders. CODECs typically perform encoding-decoding, compression-decompression, and least often, encryption-decryption. CODECs vary in the sound quality, the bandwidth required, the computational requirements, etc. The process of converting analog waveforms to digital information is done with a voice coder-decoder by fallowing below tasks. Most of the CODECs will do first two tasks. Encoding and Decoding Compression and Decompression Encryption and Decryption Encoding and Decoding: The voice is first converted to analog electrical pulses, which is then given to analog to digital converter whose output is quantized voice. This process of converting analog signal to digital data is termed as encoding. At the receiver end the digital data […]