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Understand HSRP States and HSRP State Transitions

HSRP States  In HSRP process, Router will go through the below states and finally Router will stay in Active or Standby or Listen state. An HSRP router can be in one of six different states. • Initial • Learn • Listen • Speak  • Standby • Active  Initial State This is first and starting state, The initial state indicates that HSRP does not run. This state is entered via a configuration change or when an interface first comes up. Learn State The router is neither in the active or standby state, nor does it have enough information to attempt to claim the active or standby role. Listen State The router knows the virtual IP address of HSRP group, but the router is neither the active router nor the standby router. It listens for hello messages from those routers. Speak State The router sends periodic hello messages and actively participates in […]

Understand and Configure HSRP Timers on Cisco Router

In below post you can understand the HSRP timers and HSRP timers configuration steps on Cisco Router or Switch. HSRP Hello and Hold Time Intervals Hello interval time An HSRP-enabled Router sends hello messages to indicate that the Router is running and is capable of becoming either the active or the standby router. The interval between successive HSRP hello messages from a given HSRP Router. Default = 3 seconds. Hold interval time The interval between the receipt of a hello message and the assumption that the sending Router has failed. Default = 10 seconds. Timers in HSRP Router Active timer This timer is used to monitor the active Router. The timer resets any time a Router in the standby group receives a hello packet from the active Router. This timer expires in accordance with the hold time value that is set in the corresponding field of the HSRP hello message. Standby […]

Cisco Router HSRP Configuration Video

HSRP (Hot Standby Router Protocol) is the Cisco proprietary protocol for providing L3 redundancy in router networks. Other  router redundancy protocol which is used by other vendors is VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol),  Now you can see how to configure  HSRP step by step.