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Cisco IOS IP SLA Basics and Operation Types

Benefits of Cisco IOS IP SLAs: 1. Cisco IOS IP SLAs monitoring – Provides service level agreement monitoring, measurement, and verification. 2. Network performance monitoring – Measures the jitter, latency, or packet loss in the network and Provides continuous, reliable, and predictable measurements. 3. IP service network health assessment – Verifies that the existing QoS is sufficient for new IP services. 4. Edge-to-edge network availability monitoring – Provides proactive verification and connectivity testing of network resources. 5. Troubleshooting of network operation – Provides consistent, reliable measurement that immediately identifies problems and saves troubleshooting time. 6. Voice over IP (VoIP) performance monitoring 7. Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) performance monitoring and network verification Cisco IOS IP SLAs Operation Types: IP SLA is a function of Cisco’s IOS enabling you to analyze a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for an IP application or service. IP SLAs use active traffic-monitoring to continuously monitor traffic across […]