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Difference between Stacking and Clustering on Cisco switches

Stacking Vs Clustering I covered the difference between Stacking and Clustering on Cisco Switches and it also applicable to all other vendor switches.   S.No Stacking Clustering 1 Stacking is a dedicated high performance but interconnecting desktop switches in single wiring closet, single point of authentication and management of desktop switches (single IP address) Clustering is a logical collection of switches independent of hardware interconnect method, single point of authentication and management with no physical boundary. 2 It isolated to the single wiring closet It extends beyond  wiring closet 3 It will not support for the legacy systems. It will support for the legacy systems. 4 It will support limited number of switches for stack It will support 16 switches per cluster 5 No flexibility in stacking design Admin chooses the cluster members. 6 Easily Scalable Not easily scalable as compared to stacking 7 Single IP address for management It […]

What is the Difference Between Switch and Bridge in Networking

 Switch Vs Bridge S.No SWITCH BRIDGE 1  Switches are available in both manageable and non manageable.  Bridges are available only in non manageable 2 Number of ports are more than bridge Number of ports are less than switch 3 They can have separate spanning tree for  each VLANs in the switch They can have only one spanning tree instance per bridge. 4 Large frame buffers Low frame buffer 5 Switches are Hardware based, perform forwarding in hardware Bridges are software based, perform forwarding in software 6 Switches were just the next step which eliminated the collision domain completely Bridges were historically used to reduce the size of collision domain created by hubs 7 Supports cut-through switching Doesn’t supports cut-through switching 8  A switch is a network acces device that provides a centallized point for LAN communications,media connections and management activities-like Hub.  A bridge is an internetworking device used to contact separate […]