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Switchport Port-Security Violation Options in Cisco Switch

Understand Swithport Port-Security Cisco layer 2 switch maintains the MAC address-table and it forwards a frames to destination based on MAC address table. We can enable a Switchport Port Security feature by allowing the specific Ethernet MAC address connected to the switch port. If any other MAC address tries to communicate through the same Switch port, port security will disable the port. Most of the time, network administrators configure the switch to send a SNMP trap to their network monitoring solution that the port’s disabled for security reasons. When using port security, you can prevent devices from accessing the network, which increases security. If any devices tried to connect to same switch port, there are three port security violation options available in Cisco Switch, based on your requirement you can enable any option for the switch port. There are three port security violation options are restrict, protect and shutdown, If […]

How to Configure Cisco Port Security on Cisco Catalyst Switches

In this article I am going to be¬†talk about how to configure port security on a Cisco Catalyst switch. Port security feature is one of the first things you can use to secure your network from unauthorized access. This feature limits and identifies MAC addresses of the workstations that can access the port. When secure MAC addresses are assigned to a secure port, the port does not forward packets with source addresses outside the group of defined addresses. There are three different settings you can configure with port security: Protect which discards the traffic but keeps the port up and does not send a SNMP message. Restrict which discards the traffic and sends a SNMP message but keeps the port up Shutdown which discards the traffic sends a SNMP¬†message and disables the port. (This is the default behavior is no setting is specified). Configure SwitchPort port security on Cisco Switch […]