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How to Configure Netflow Data Export on Cisco Router or Switch

NetFlow is a Cisco IOS application that provides statistics on packets flowing through the Router. Using NetFlow you can export data (traffic statistics) to a remote workstation for processing. NetFlow is performed independently on each internetworking device, it does not need to be operational on each router in the network. Network Engineers can configure NetFlow selectively on a Routers or Router Interfaces to gain traffic statistics, Control or accounting benefits in Specific Network. NetFlow does consume additional memory and CPU resources; therefore, it is important to understand the resources required on your Router before enabling NetFlow. Prerequisites for NetFlow Configuration and Data Export on Router: 1. Configure IP routing on Router 2. If you want to configure NetFlow on  interfaces ,you must enable one of the following on Router Cisco Express Forwarding (CEF) Distributed CEF Fast switching Special notes on Netflow for specific Cisco IOS versions: 1. If your router is running […]