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How to remove Shortcut Virus from External Hard Disk or Pendrive

When you connect any Pendrive or Flash Drive or External Hard Disk to your PC, Sometimes you will see all files and folder have changed to shortcuts like below image, and also My Documents, My Pictures and My Videos folders are in there. When you try to open them (double click) nothing happen. It was a virus attack for External Hard disk or Pendrive. Everybody call it Shortcut Virus.               Shortcut virus problem in Removable disk like Pendrive or External hard disk  is most common virus of the computer and users are hanged because to find the solution to clear the shortcut virus. Now I found a solution. A secure data recovery method. I could recover all my data back. No shortcuts anymore.               Steps to Remove Shortcut Virus from Pendrive or External Hard disk 1. Go to […]

Most Frequent Interview Questions for Network Engineers

Find below most frequently asked interview questions for Network Engineers in  most of  the multinational companies in India. Most Frequent Interview Quetions for Network Engineer Position: 1. OSI Layers 2. What is VLAN? 3. What is VTP? 4. How we can change VTP revision number 5. In what mode we will add a switch in VTP domain 6. Difference between loadsharing & loadbalancing 7. What is ACS server, syslog server 8. How to add node in hpnnm – nnm 9. How to add a node group in nnm 10. What is use of AAA and how we will configure it? 11. How many modules will be there in 7609? 12. What type of ports are available in 7609 router 13. Difference between HSRP and VRRP 14. How data flows in MPLS technology 15. OSPF states while forming neighborship 16. OSPF LSA types 17. Difference between point to point & MPLS links […]

How to get only HyperTerminal or command prompt Window in Print Screen

If you are the Network/ System administrator, many times you need to take print screen for sending the statitics/configuration/errors  in the network or server. By defalut  you will get complete real time desktop secreen as a image by using print seceen (Prt SC)key on Keyboard in Windows. But this is not useful always, If you want only HyperTerminal window or Command Prompt window in windows,  Press  ALT + PRT SC keys on keyboard. Find some examples below.                                                

How to find Mobile Number of any Unknown SimCard or known Simcard

If you find one sim card and you don’t know the mobile number but you can find the mobile operator in case the operator name was printed on Sim Card. In other case, some people have a chance to forget their own mobile number at the time of newly purchased or for old sim cards.               How to get mobile number of unknown sim card? This question commonly we heard from our friends, family, in our daily life. For those who are struggling with this type of words, here is the trick to find the mobile number of any known or unknown sim card in India. You can this option to know your mobile number of any Sim card. Find Mobile Number of any Unkown Simcard I have mentioned the shortcut keys for all mobile operators to get your own mobile number and for […]

What is TTL or Time To Live?, Understand Time To Live

Time To Live (TTL) in PING Command TTL or Time to Live refers to how many Routers your packet can go through before it expires. Usually a packet finds its home in less than 32 hops, but 64-128 is a good default. Every time a packet passes through a Router the TTL number is one less than before. If this counter didn’t exist the internet as we know it could be at 100% bandwidth bouncing these packets back and forth that would never find a home if the destination is unreachable. That would make the internet unusable. Every computer has its own setting for its packets when it comes to TTL. All that matters is the setting is high enough to allow the packet to reach its destination. You can issue a ping command with  default TTL in Windows, Find  below ping response to the  destinations and by default […]

Top 100 Interview Questions for Network Engineers/Administrators

Q1. What are 10Base2, 10Base5 and 10BaseT Ethernet LANs? Ans. 10Base2—An Ethernet term meaning a maximum transfer rate of 10 Megabits per second that uses baseband signaling, with a contiguous cable segment length of 100 meters and a maximum of 2 segments. 10Base5—An Ethernet term meaning a maximum transfer rate of 10 Megabits per second that uses baseband signaling, with 5 continuous segments not exceeding 100 meters per segment. 10BaseT—An Ethernet term meaning a maximum transfer rate of 10 Megabits per second that uses baseband signaling and twisted pair cabling. Q2. What is the difference between an unspecified passive open and a fully specified passive open? Ans. An unspecified passive open has the server waiting for a connection request from a client. A fully specified passive open has the server waiting for a connection from a specific client. Q3. Explain the function of Transmission Control Block. Ans. A TCB is […]