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TGN Traffic Generation Using Cisco Pagent IOS

What is Cisco Pagent IOS ? Cisco Pagent IOS is an enhanced Cisco IOS image that contains both Advanced IP or IP Base Services and the IP traffic generation tools. Cisco Pagent IOS generates realistic traffic and bottlenecks to test QoS features such as IP Classification, IP Marking, and Queuing on Cisco Routers. Cisco provided Pagent image can be used to send or receive traffic and to analyze the Bandwidth utilized by network interface. Cisco Pagent IOS was developed within Cisco primarily intended for Cisco internal use only. However, versions for the 2621 and 2801 have been made available to CCNP Academies and instructors by special permission from Cisco’s Pagent group. You could use this to generate certain amount of traffic of choose protocol (UDP or TCP) etc. Configuration steps to generate traffic using Cisco Pagent IOS 1. Load pagent-ios image on device. You can found the images of specific router you […]