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How to Use USB to Serial Adapter/Converter for Cisco Console Cable

Now a day new laptops not coming with serial/COM (RS232) port that we need to access and configure the Networking devices using  console port via Hyperterminal  terminal emulator.                 USB to Serial adapter Connection USB to Serial adapter can solve this problem. Using USB to Serial adapter device you can create a serial RS232 port with easy and you can use it to access your cisco console via Hyperterminal. Find the below procedure to connect console port of Cisco device using USB to Serial adaptor via HyperTerminal.                   1. Install USB to Serial adaptor drivers 2. Next check the drivers properly installed for USB to Serial adapter. 3. After Driver software installation, remove the connectivity between Laptop and Router, Reconnect it. You should get “ready to use” message right-hand bottom on your laptop. 4. Next go to the Device […]

How to use putty as HyperTerminal in Windows Vista/ Windows 7

In this post I covered how to use Putty as HyperTerminal in Windows Vista or Windows 7 machines. HyperTerminal is no longer part of Windows Operating systems. There are several options you can use to replace its functionality. Earlier I covered how to use XP HyperTerminal client in Windows Vista or Windows 7. Download Putty: Download and use open source Putty terminal software. You can get Putty and click here for  Download. For Laptops: 1.      First install DB 9 to USB converter drivers in your Laptop. Plug in your console cable to Cisco router, connect other end to DB9 to USB converter and plug in USB in your Vista or Windows 7 Laptop. 2.      Now, you have to check the communication port (COM port) number from Computer Management (Start –> Control Panel –> Administrative Tools –> Computer Management –> Device Manager and look at Port (COM & LPT).

How to capture or copy Router backup configuration with PUTTY

You can easily capture or copy/Save  the configuration file from any network devices like Cisco Routers, Switches etc.. with putty and also you can capture complete PUTTY session, it will save all configuration changes and output of all issued commands throughout the session. PUTTY is a small free open source tool which is used as client for SSH, Telnet, rlogin and raw TCP computing protocols. Most of the computer professionals might use PUTTY to connect remote machine and to work in terminal. Steps to take a Configuration Backup with Putty: Follow the below steps to capture the Router backup configuration or complete session log with PUTTY…. 1. Launch Putty and connect to your Cisco Router/Switch 2. Enter the Privilege Exec mode by entering enable password. Router> enable Password: 3. Enter the terminal length 0 command  in order to force the Router to return the entire response at once, rather than […]