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Upload Cisco IOS from ROMmon Mode using Boot Image

What is Cisco Boot Image?: The boot image is a subset of the Cisco IOS® software that is used to download main Cisco IOS software images to the router via TFTP in recovery situations. The user can interact with this image through a command line interface signified by the prompt Router(boot)#. This image called as xboot image, rxboot image, bootstrap image, or boot loader or helper image, which depends on your platform. The boot image has limited capabilities. For example, it does not contain routing information. Note: Don’t save your configuration while in boot mode, as part of the configuration (such as the routing part) is lost if saved this way. Change Configuration Register to Load the Boot Image: If your Router contains a valid boot image, it can be used to download a valid Cisco IOS Software image into the Flash using TFTP. In order to do this, perform […]

Upload Cisco IOS from ROMmon Mode using the tftpdnld Commands

Upload Cisco IOS  using ROMmon Mode Commands: 1. Start the TFTP server in your PC and make sure the file path is correct and that you allow both transfer and receive. 2. Connect to the router via Ethernet cable (an Ethernet cable is preferred due to the large size of the file and the maximum speed that data can travel over the console cable) Before the IOS is loaded it is important to make sure that your router has enough memory to support the IOS. The router will allow an IOS to be loaded even if there is not enough memory, in this case a smaller IOS will have to be loaded. 3. At the rommon prompt enter the following commands (commands are case sensitive, and the use of the directional arrows and tab auto complete function is not allowed): rommon 1>IP_ADDRESS=IP address of the Ethernet port rommon 2>IP_SUBNET_MASK=subnet mask […]

How to Upload Cisco IOS from ROMmon mode using xmodem via console cable

This document explains how to upload Cisco IOS® software onto Cisco Routers or Switches  from ROMmon mode using xmodem via Cisco console cable. This is used in disaster recovery situations where the Router Cisco IOS software is corrupted or crashed. I suggest you to use this procedure only where there are no Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) server software or RJ-45 network connections, and a direct PC connection to the router’s console port via console cable is the only viable option. Because this procedure depends on the console speed of the Router and the serial port of the PC, it can take a long time to download an image. The information in this document is based on Cisco IOS Software Release 12.1 and later. Xmodem command syntax on ROMmon Mode via Console cable xmodem [-c] [-y] [-e] [-f] [-r] [-x] [-s data-rate] In order to find out the syntax and […]