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How to enable SSH on a Cisco Router for Security

SSH stands for SecureSHell. SSH is a secure way of connecting to a router or Switch. Telnet connections are not secure,  It sent  passwords  in plain text and the data sent via telnet can be read by a packet sniffer and decode it. We should avoid using telnet at all the times. we can easily enable SSH on Cisco Routers or Switches, Unlike Telnet (TCP port 23), SSH (TCP port 22) sets up a secure channel before usernames, passwords, and data are sent across the connection. You have to install SSH client software in your PC to connect the Router. The Cisco IOS can offers both an SSH server and an SSH client. So you can connect to your router’s SSH server from an SSH client, or you can connect your router’s  SSH client to another device that has an SSH server. NOTE: This should work on any Cisco Router […]