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What is TTL or Time To Live?, Understand Time To Live

Time To Live (TTL) in PING Command TTL or Time to Live refers to how many Routers your packet can go through before it expires. Usually a packet finds its home in less than 32 hops, but 64-128 is a good default. Every time a packet passes through a Router the TTL number is one less than before. If this counter didn’t exist the internet as we know it could be at 100% bandwidth bouncing these packets back and forth that would never find a home if the destination is unreachable. That would make the internet unusable. Every computer has its own setting for its packets when it comes to TTL. All that matters is the setting is high enough to allow the packet to reach its destination. You can issue a ping command with  default TTL in Windows, Find  below ping response to the  destinations and by default […]