How to fix/stop STP loop error on HP Procurve V1810 switches?

For L2 redundant network, HP Procurve switches will build network topology table based on the Bridge Protocol Data Units (BPDUs). Any HP Procurve managed switches are capable of building topology table.  So as per HP’s STP protocol development, all the switches will need to know each other in the topology to perform STP election. So if any unmanaged switch or smart switch present in the topology, all the switches get confused and will not able participate in STP election.  HP Procurve V1810 switches are not capable of building topology table as they are only smart switches, not managed switches and will not allow other managed switches to form topology table.

This will cause routing error.

STP Loop Prevention on HP Procurve V1810 Switch

For this type of network with HP Procurve 1810 switches, only way to stop the L2 loops is by enabling the LOOP PREVENTION mechanism in that switch.

LOOP PREVENTION mechanism discovers the loop by sending its own BPDU and listens for the same BPDU. IF it received its own BPDU, it will trigger the action specified by the administrator.

Actions are:

Port shutdown


   LOG and Shut down.

Shut downing the port will prevent the loop.

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