How to Configure X-Lite SIP Softphone with VOIP accounts

X-Lite is one of the best softphone on the market available today and it is also free as well. A softphone is a portal for access to your VOIP provider. Many VOIP providers give SIP settings like Account number, Password and SIP server address for people to use a softphone to make calls with, this type of calls are called PC to Phone. XLite is a softphone that is loaded with extra features and therefore it can sometimes be hard to set it up. Follow these procedures to successfully make a PC to Phone call and this step by step procedure is applicable for any your favorite SIP Softphone.

Before configuring X-lite softphone, you have to download and install X-Lite. X-lite softphone Software can be found anywhere on the internet and it is free. Next, you need a VOIP service that gives SIP settings. If you have these two then you are ready to configure X-lite softphone.

1.        Download X-Lite Softphone Software HERE and install in your PC.

2.       Get your SIP account details or Free SIP account from FWD and Note down.

Step 1: Start X-lite :

To open the X-lite, go to Start à All Programs -> X-lite (click on X-lite), X-lite screen will open and look like below.









Step 2: Go to Add SIP Accounts:

Click on the left button in the group of three at the top of the phone, and select SIP Account Settings, the first item at the top of the pop-up menu. You can also access this via right click on main screen and go to SIP settings.

Click on the “Add” button in the SIP Settings dialogue box.

Sip Account settings







Step 3: Add SIP service:

Fill in the “User Detail”

Display name is like Caller Line Identifier (CLI), “Display Name” is name you’d like people to see when they receive your call. Not necessarily your SIP account name. You can put any name of your choice.

“User Name” is your SIP service user name.

Put password of your SIP service in the password field, and use your username
again in the “Authorization User Name“, as pictured below.

In the “Domain” field, use the IP address or domain name of the SIP account provider, Example: or IP

After finishing, click “Apply” and then “OK” at the bottom. The Properties panel will disappear. Click “OK” on the “Account Setting” panel. The setup is complete.











Your softphone will automatically try to login to your account. If login is successful, you will notice that you are logged into your account and ready to make calls. Now you can dial and make a call.

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  1. Peri says:

    whats the difference between x-lite and bria?
    can i use fastvoip account with bria?(text messaging)..
    any suggestion for cheapest text ? or free..

    • admin says:

      X-lite is the light (read free) version of Bria. X-lite is a basic SIP client. You can find more about the difference between x-lite and Bria client Here Please note that both clients cannot be used to send text messages.

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