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How to check Fan Failure issues on Cisco Router/Switch

The show environment command can help you monitor and troubleshoot Cisco Router or Switch power and ventilation status. You can issue this command in global Exec mode on Cisco Router or Switch. Find below basic troubleshooting steps and examples of show environment command on different Cisco devices. If you suspect a fan failure issue, perform these troubleshooting steps: Check the LEDs. If all the LEDs are off, check the power to the Switch. The fan could have failed due to a power problem. Check the system LED. If it is amber, the system has detected a problem. If you cannot hear the fan operating, this could indicate a fan problem. Examples: Execute Show Environment Command to Troubleshoot Fan Failure Issues. Find output of the show environment command from a Cisco Switch or Router for  troubleshooting. Note: If you are using a Catalyst 3524-PWR-XL, 2940, 2950 and 2955, 2970, 3550 or […]

How to Troubleshoot Cisco Fastethernet or Gigabitethernet Interface

Basic Fastethernet and Gigabitethernet Interface Troubleshooting Steps: Follow  below steps to troubleshoot the Ethernet, Fastethernet, GigabitEthernet or Tengigabitethernet on Cisco Router or Switch. Enter the show interfaces fastethernet, show interfaces gigabitethernet or show interfaces tengigabitethernet command. 1)       Verify that the interface is up. 2)       Verify that the line protocol is up. 3)       Verify that the interface duplex mode matches the remote interface configuration. 4)       Verify that the interface speed matches the speed on the remote interface 5)       Observe the output hang status on the interface. 6)       Observe the CRC counter. 7)       Observe the late collision counter. 8)       Observe the carrier signal counters. Troubleshoot and correct the detected problems on Fastethernet/Gigabitethernet Interface:   1) Verify that the interface is up: In the output got from the show interfaces fastethernet, show interfaces gigabitethernet or showinterfaces tengigabitethernet command, verify that the interface is up. If the interface is down, perform the following corrective actions: If […]