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Cisco IOS CLI Keyboard Shortcuts

This is a list of shortcuts exist within the Cisco IOS command line interface.The most famous shortcut is the ‘TAB’ command, It completes a partially typed CLI command. For instance, if you type “sh ru” and press TAB, it will complete the command as “show running-config“. Below the complete list of the Cisco IOS shortcuts: Ctrl+T: Swap the current character with the one before it Ctrl+K: Erase all characters from the current cursor position to the end of the line Ctrl+X: Erase all characters from the current cursor position to the beginning of the line Ctrl+L: Reprint the line Ctrl+C: Exit configuration mode Ctrl+A: Moves the cursor to the beginning of the current line Ctrl+E: Moves the cursor to the end of the current line Ctrl+F: Moves forward one character Ctrl+B: Moves backwards one character Ctrl+R: Redisplays a line (starts a new line, with the same command shown) Ctrl+U: Delete […]

Cisco IP Ping Output Text Characters

The table below lists the possible output characters from the ping facility: Character Description ! Each exclamation point indicates receipt of a reply. . Each period indicates the network server timed out while waiting for a reply. U A destination unreachable error PDU was received. Q Source quench (destination too busy). M Could not fragment. ? Unknown packet type. & Packet lifetime exceeded.

How to remove all interface configuration of a Cisco router

You can remove complete interface configuration of Cisco router easily by using default interface configuration command. Default interface configuration command For example, if you have configured Frame Relay with sub interfaces… Router#interface Serial0/0 no ip address encapsulation frame-relay load-interval 60 Router#interface Serial0/0.10 point-to-point bandwidth 2000 ip address ip load-sharing per-packet ip ospf cost 50  frame-relay interface-dlci 100 And now erase all interface-specific configuration … Router(config)#default interface s0/0 Building configuration… Interface Serial0/0 set to default configuration Router(config)# Now recheck the main and sub interface configuration by using show ip interface brief, You can find the main interface has no IP address and the sub interface is deleted. Router#show ip interfaces brief Interface IP-Address  OK? Method Status     Protocol … non-relevant lines deleted … Serial0/0/0        unassigned  YES TFTP   up         up Serial0/0/0.10     unassigned  YES manual deleted    down  

Cisco IP Traceroute Output Text Characters Meaning

  The table below lists the characters that can appear in the Traceroute command output. Character Description nn msec For each node, the round-trip time in milliseconds for the specified number of probes * The probe timed out A Administratively prohibited (example, access-list) Q Source quench (destination too busy) I User interrupted test U Port unreachable H Host unreachable N Network unreachable P Protocol Unreachable T Timeout ? Unknown packet type